Incorporating CBD into Your Daily Routine

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Now that you’ve decided to start using CBD, you’re probably asking yourself, “How is this going to fit into my day-to-day routine?” Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Morning: Picture this: It’s Monday and you’ve woken up late. Magically, your alarm didn’t go off and you’re already feeling frazzled. Your mind is racing, you have an early meeting and a lot to accomplish today and it doesn’t help that you slept the wrong way and woke up with a neck ache. You’re mentally going through your day’s to do list when you rush to the bathroom to get ready. Your hair is as good as it’s going to get, and your makeup will have to wait until you’re sitting in traffic (except for the gents, they get to miss out on the joy of applying mascara in the rear-view mirror).  As you run out the door, you grab a large cup of your Bean to Brew hemp-infused coffee. The first sip gives you that reassuring feeling that everything is going to be just fine. The hemp extract mixes beautifully with the caffeine in the coffee to give you the perfect “energized zen” feeling needed to tackle the day…and the morning traffic.

Afternoon: Work is finished! You felt extra-motivated to start the week right and even made it to the gym! Kudos to you. You get home and realize you may have pushed yourself a little too hard. You decide to treat yourself to a glass of wine to wind down, and add a single dose of Carolina CBD Store’s Flavorless Tincture to give you that extra relaxed feeling.  By the time you crawl into bed, you’ve forgotten about the rocky start to your day. You managed to walk into work looking great and feeling zen; returned home having worked out; and wound down with an extra relaxing glass of wine, all with the help of CBD. See how easy that was? Maybe tonight you’ll remember to set your alarm, so you can do it all again but with a bit less stress than this hypothetical morning.

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